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Damn you, candy corn! *Shakes fist*
I've been trying REALLY hard to stay away from sugar. Hell, on Monday I was craving it so badly that I had to call wondervixen to have her talk me down. Yes, the addiction is that bad.

But those that know me well are aware of my inability to say no more often if the food is *right* in front of me.

So, working at a nursing facility, I'm offered goodies pretty much every day I work. Usually I can say no because it's just the words "do you want some ice cream?" not "do you want some ice cream that's right here in this bowl in front of your face just for you?"

Anyway, so I've been able to mostly be okay at work... until my coworker offered me candy corn. In my face. She saw me hesitate and decided that was answer enough for her and poured the remaining morsels in my unused coffee cup. RIGHT before lunch! My gods, the world is EVIL.

(I think it goes without saying that I'm eating them, enjoying them, and knowing full well it's the equivalent of a cigarette to me.)

Current Mood: hungry hungry

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