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And the insanity continues. - GROWL — LiveJournal
And the insanity continues.
After reading that saifai is signing up for National Novel Writing Month, I decided to read up on all this hubub that I've heard about in years past.

*Takes in a breath* I'm going to do it. I realize this means I'll have to put Morality's Descent on hold for a month... and ultraproject (sorry, coldfury!), but I think it's a fabulous opportunity to get crazy with my writing self!

I've had this one-shot novel idea in my head ever since that Jackpot trip where we lost rune_karidan, and I think it'll be good times to start a really crappy draft of it! ... Speaking of which - Larry! You should so do this! I mean, pfft, screw college for a month (like you do that much homework anyway ;P) and suffer the insanity with me!

Is anyone else planning on doing this? I know karenhealey has done it in the past, but I'm not sure about anyone else...

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