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A much better day.

I went to Starbucks today to try writing with new scenery. They stopped selling the Mint Frappachino that I usually get, but in its place they had Peppermint. YUMMY. I'm very weird about peppermint. I like it in drinks, but I can't stand the stuff solid. rune_karidan, you MUST try one of these when you hit town in December! I also had a delicious chocolate chip cookie that was warmed up for me. I love you Starbucks!

I then came back home, typed up all my words and a little more to boot, and now I am officially 1/3 Nano done!! EEEEE! *Falls over in shock*

I've found that not a lot of action has really occurred thus far, which is a bit strange for me. I think what's going to wind up happening is there's going to be a lot of character development and plot explanation and then BAM! ACTION EVERYWHERE OMG until the end of the book. Well, there'll be character development then too, I'd hope. But anyway, yes, very very strange for me. My internal editor is having a fit! *Kicks it in the shin* You shoosh.

Anyway, I could keep writing my little heart out, but instead, I plan to beat some people up in Soul Calibur III, start the next chapter review for ultraproject (we're so late this week! Eep!), and then head to the gym to find out how much of my body is fat! WHOO. ... I'll be likely regretting that cookie later.

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