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TV series kicking OAVs asses? I'm starting to think so...

I watched, warily, the first disc of the new TV series for Ah! My Goddess.

It was... actually, quite good. It was even rather funny! They slowed it waaaaay down, which was my biggest issue with the OAV. They still threw out the "L" word somewhat early, but as coldfury pointed out to me, us dumb Americans have only our one word for love (variations abound, but one word, yeah) whereas Japan has, uh, a lot. So, instead of him saying, 'Wow, I really like like Belldandy', he uses love because it's a dub, and saying like like would've been silly.

Anyway, that made me feel better.

So, yes, if the series continues on as good as the first disc, I'm on board for it. Now if only I can talk coldfury to stop forcing that damn Maburaho crap on me... *Shudders at the thought of having to watch the fourth disc this week*

However, after watching all this anime this last week and yesterday, I've realized that I'm behind on making LJ icons out of anime stuff that I like! I only have 65 LJ icons out of 100! That's just... wrong!
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