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I must be a taurus. I can't concentrate on writing today because I'm too excited about the idea of gorging myself silly with all sorts of yummy things. Mmmm, pie. Mmm, dark meat turkey. Mmm, mashed potatoes. Mmm, black olives. ... Okay, I'll stop now.

The weather has decided to be somewhat nice today after three days of BLAH. It SNOWED in Nampa yesterday. I hear it snowed in Boise a baby bit today. It's still FALL, damnit! I made a phone LJ post yesterday from work (that for some reason didn't go through) that described the scary fog and slick roads of DOOM and how I was going to die horribly, but that people were welcome to any of my possessions as long as they asked my family nicely. But, uh, I didn't die, as you can see.

Why didn't I just make a LJ post the regular way? Oh man, that's... quite a story. Let's just say that yesterday kicked my ass, part of it being that internet was down all day at work, and shall continue to be down for days to come. *Shudders at the thought of future work days without her lifeline*

On the plus side? I got Ares a stocking! It's so CUTE. I'm very excited about spoiling the hell out of my cat this Christmas. Well, as much spoiling as I can do with my small budget, but yeah. Oh, and I made a LJ icon for him! *Points to icon*

Okay, I think I'm going to ignore my book for Nano today, play some Soul Calibur III, maybe make a couple more LJ icons, and then eat until I come to the brink of puking! WHOO.

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