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Year of memories: MEME.

Stolen from ninniah! Take the first sentence (or 2) from the first post of each month of 2005. That's your year in review.

January: (About Oceans 12) I have many words to say on it, but the best is: slooooooooooooooow. Oh, my dear gods, it was so damn slow.

February: I got a new job! WHOO. (Hey, that's THIS job I'm working at now! Oooh, I'm gonna get a yearly raise soon! Eee!)

March: *Panics* They're moving my desk at work. Which, sure, usually isn't a big deal... But they're putting it so that my BACK will be toward the DOOR of the office! (It's still like that too. Bloody bastards.)

April: When Photoshop 8, ImageReady, and my weirdness come together, we create... This lovely LJ icon! (*Decides to put her fabulous April creation up as her icon for this post*)

May: (Phone post, transcribed by laechim) "Okay, so I've got the lockbox in the U-haul over at my house, we've still got to get to Coldfury's, but part one of 'scary bwah I don't wanna do this anymore' routine(?) is a go, and realized how much of a geek I am when I decided that we should have a bag of holding so we wouldn't need the U-haul."

June: (Dismissed first post, since it was an untranscribed phone post) As I walked passed Bingo today (one of the resident activities) I began musing about all the old jobs I've had (and there have been a LOT).

July: The last few times I've gone to Jackpot, I'd been shot down by the Blackjack gods. I was smited and finally just decided to give up on the whole gambling thing, whether my genes agreed or not. (This was actually a positive post at the end. Mmm, gambling.)

August: I must say that what I really want to go off about is how badly I hate my job at this very moment. But since you all know this all ready, I shall spare you the current installment. (I hear you, August me, I hear ya. Though, the receptionist is back today, so I might start liking it again... maybe.)

September: (After showing a picture showing my stupid score of 70, finding me "a little stupid") *Shakes her head* And you people tell me I have an amazing intellect. *Beat* Well, okay, not ALL of you on my friends list, but enough that I couldn't help but post this. (You know, I forgot about this... and now I'm depressed again.)

October: I've almost finished the fourth season of Smallville (three episodes left). And all I have to say is... *Points to LJ icon* (Okay, I can't icon BOTH posts about icons! That's the one with Chloe. o/~ It should've been me with you tonight, it should've been me there by your side... o/~ There's your Tiffany blast from the past for you.)

November: Apparently the world heard me fret over procrastination with Soul Calibur III last night, for my memory card suddenly wacked out and died on me. (I'm still very paranoid about that happening again... *knocks on wood*)

December: (On writing a post about rape facts and figures) Wow, I'm slightly afraid to post this, but the sociologist in me wants to, and so I let her.

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