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I have the body of an 80-year-old, I swear...

Called in sick to work today. The insane amount of pain centered right in the middle of my stomach that kept me up til 5:30 this morning will do that to a person.

The pain is gone now, thankfully, but I'm still all sorts of achy. Mm, fun. I have to go to work no matter what tomorrow, so I'll take it as a blessing. (At least I got to skip a commute filled with an INSANE amount of fog this morning. Dear GODS. Here's hoping it leaves tonight.)

I'm also having company tonight, so I just had a conversation with my body explaining that it is not allowed to make me miserable after 6 pm.

Also? I know I have some comments to catch up on. I'll, uh, do that when I'm feeling less bleh.

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe As the World Turns is prepared to entertain me for 45 minutes or so before I likely pass out for a couple of hours.

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