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You've played too much WoW when...

*Walks into living room after waking up to start tradition of episode of season two Inuyasha and eating chocolate chip Eggos for breakfast*

*coldfury is heard walking down stairs as I'm walking down hall*

*He gets to the Playstation 2 juuuuuuust before I do, says morning and pops in his crappy Dragon Ball Z game*

Me: *Incredulous look* You ninja'd the Playstation 2!

Him: *Just woken up himself and looking sleepy and confused* Huh?

Me: *Points at him accusingly* You just ninja'd my copper bars!

Him: ... Wow, Summer.

Me: *Walks out of the living room grumbling*

When does that man ever get up on a weekend BEFORE noon anyway? HMPH.

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