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Greatest love story.

About a month ago, I was asked one of the hardest questions ever. "What is your favorite love story?" Oh! What a question!

I fretted in the car about it for several minutes. I wanted to reflect and get back to her after several days of deliberation, but I knew I was expected to give some form of an answer soon enough.

To be honest, I don't really recall what I said on panic mode. Which means it really must not have been my favorite.

I've been reading Jane Eyre for the second time (LOVE this book), and while at lunch reading it, found myself back to asking myself the question yet again. What is my favorite love story? Gods, is there just one I could pick? Could I have categories, perhaps? Even so, it would still be so very difficult.

Well, apparently, the thought had been running in the back of my mind for quite some time, for I believe I have an answer. I'm still uncertain whether I will change my mind after recalling something even better, but at this moment, I am content with what I've come up with.

I have two answers.


Actually, there's a tie for a very good reason - the chemistry is one I'm very much in love with. I'll list them off and then explain what I mean.

Benedict/Beatrice: Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare... not that anyone needs to be told.

Freyja/Joshua: Slightly Scandalous by Mary Balogh (Yes, this is a romance novel. I don't care.)

There is nothing I love more than two people completely at odds with each other to then later get it on. I don't know why, but it fascinates me. Excites me. I love verbal banter! It's the best foreplay ever! Love/hate relationships make me giddy, what can I say?

But this has been done so many times, Summer. Why these two?

Benedict/Beatrice: Verbal banter at its BEST. They both attack, each getting victories in at different times. One is not better than the other and you know it gets their blood going. That even after submitting to their feelings they later deny them makes the story even better. But there's something else about them that does it for me too.

Beatrice, helpless as a woman to fight her cousin's battle, finds an alternative in Benedict. Best friend to Claudio, and yet in the end, his love for Beatrice drives him to alleviate her vengeance. Tragedy abounds everywhere! WHOO. Okay, maybe I just like the idea of a man being soft for his woman. If someone *I* loved told me to kill someone I was best friends with, I'd tell them to go to hell. But that's me.

But yeah, their love/hate chemistry + witty banter + adorable cute/at times bitter-sweet scenes = YAY!

Freyja/Joshua: Verbal banter here too! Shock! Not as much, as only Freyja is the one with the biting wit, but Joshua's light manner makes it even better! She insults him, he laughs! She boxes his ears, he kisses her. The seduction is comical, yet perfect. Even better, neither of them want to be married! Even better than THAT, Joshua breaks first. Freyja's still holding strong till the very end. Ah, denial. But still, the guy wanting more than the woman is always appealing. A romance novel heroine that has doe eyes with a 'woe is me, I love him, but he'll never love me back!' thing gets old after awhile.

I've read this book three times all the way through... and read scenes from it plenty more than that! I'm telling you, it's THAT good.

Oh, and lastly: There's a happy ending to BOTH these books. If there's no happy ending, there's no cookie.

I'd LOVE to hear anyone else's favorite romance. TELL TELL.

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