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Of men, women, Wizard's First Rule, feminism, patriarchy, egalitarianism... oh, and a disclaimer!

I was inspired in writing this after reading several different writings on patriarchy and feminism. This is not an attack on anyone. This is just me stating some things that have been on my mind.

Awhile back I mentioned reading Susan Faludi's Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man. I'm not even close to half-way done (It's quite dry, but that's the sociologist's calling), but so far I've gotten one thing out of it.

Men of the earlier generations met a harsh blow in a few different ways. The war brought a lot of crazy changes, and the world was transposing before their very eyes. Women began to fight for a change in their roles and men balked. There were roles. Expectations. Men made the money, women stayed home and kept it cozy and a place for warmth and child-rearing. That was the way it was. It wasn't questioned. It wasn't abnormal. It was the way it was. And then it changed.

And men were left reeling. Women were now trying to take over their roles! The world was turning upside down! Divorce went crazy, jobs went nuts, and men were losing confidence in themselves and what they were supposed to do with this new predicament.

American society did a 1-80 where nothing was familiar, nothing was safe. For either sex.

New territory was touched by both genders - women competing for the right to have the opportunities that men have, men confronted with a new way of life completely alien to their fore-fathers. Everyone had to make adjustments. It wasn't a walk in the park for anyone.

Decades later, I'd say we've made some remarkable progress. Things are certainly still requiring betterment, but the anarchy of the past has lessened to quite a degree. Women can vote. Women can keep their own last name if they wish. Women can make decisions in our government. And a new generation of men that aren't used to one kind of a tradition came into adulthood.

There are many things that women still should fight for. Egalitarian ideals to replace patriarchal ones aren't found over night. Sadly, it may never be found.

But the battle isn't against men. It isn't identifying the problem, growling incessantly, but then never looking to a solution.

What are the solutions? Hey, look, I'm all sorts of creative when it comes to novel ideas, but this isn't really my forte. But when I hear a good one, and I agree with it, you can bet your sweet ass I'll do what I can to help it along.

But when further change occurs (and it will), it's not going to just affect women. It's going to affect everyone. It's going to cause both positive and negative reactions. It won't be painless. And it will take both men and women to bring about equality. Not men stepping up and saying, "Well, damn, I'm sorry about that patriarchy thing that I'm a part of by being born with a penis" but there being a true compromise of the sexes. Where everyone feels that they have a place, that it's respected, and everything is hugs and puppies.

... Okay, maybe not hugs and puppies. But you get my drift.

And before I go off with a bout of sarcasm or dry wit from being all serious and political on LJ as a defense mechanism, I'm going to rush off and push the post button now!
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