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Still waiting to hear back from my friend who helps me with my taxes every year. She's been MIA for awhile now. It's starting to make me paranoid.

But yeah, I'll be getting quite a bit back in taxes. Sadly, not enough to go to both Seattle and ACen (*$500* plane ticket to Illinois). Even more sadder, not enough to go to Writercon in Atlanta to try to get my book looked at by a Tor editor (*cries*).

So, it looks like I'll be skipping ACen this year. I still think you guys rock, though! *Hugs to all* I should have just enough to get my hair re-highlighted, put back the money I stole from my kitty's emergency fund, buy Hex Files, and go to Seattle for much book research!

Well, I have a break to get to, so I'll leave it there.

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