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Mmm, nostalgia.

I've been wanting the soundtracks to Grease 2 and The Rocky Horror Picture Show on CD for FOREVER. Had them on cassette, but, well... yeah.

So, with the last of my Christmas money/gift certificates, I picked them both up! Eee!

Makes me want to to do a Broadway/musical themed broadcast on RFM one of these Fridays! I have PLENTY of CDs/mp3s to work it.

In other news, I started a Christopher Pike series: Final Friends. Yes, I'm reading a 12-year-old reading level book series. And I LOVE it. After reading novels where the author is either trying to sound pretty and failing miserably, to authors... just sucking, it's a relief to just sit back, grab a snack, and spend a quiet couple of hours reading something that is just a fabulous vacation.

Now, I've always been an R.L. Stine fan since I was a kid. I grred at Christopher Pike back then because he was, in my opinion at the time, his nemesis! So, yeah, this is my second book read by him in my lifetime. (I read Chain Letter way back when out of curiosity. I don't recall being especially awed. But, well, I doubt that was his goal.) But I'm so glad I picked it up! (Yay for coldfury owning the series... I hope that wasn't a hush-hush fact...)

Oh! I also finished Jane Eyre. How much do I completely adore this book? The second read was just as wonderful as the first was when I was in high school. And the ending is so very MORBID. I LOVE it! I mean, it's a good ending, but it's so very messed up too.

(And I just realized I had this open after ignoring it for an hour, so I suppose I should post this now!)

Let's just pretend the post had an ending that sounded... final! Yeah! Like this, we'll make me babbling on about endings be the, uh, ending! WHOO.

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