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For those interested, I thought I'd post every Friday what my theme on Radio Free Mars will be! That way, you know if you'd care to listen or not.

(Yes, I shall have a theme every week! No, I'm not sure how long this will last. Yes, I find the idea quite to my liking.)

Now, the theme isn't always going to tell you what I'll be playing per-se. Like today for instance.

Theme = Threesomes! *Beat* No, not those kinds. But yes, threesomes! Three songs in a row from a selected artist! (Not very original, I grant you, but this is my debut, so I'm allowed unoriginality wiggle room to get things figured out.) My tastes run a few different directions, but I'll tell you this now. Country and rap make me want to rip people's eyeballs out when I hear it, so you're pretty safe on that front. (Excluding those veeeeeery rare cases where something comes out that doesn't suck. Rare... and usually on my radio stations, so apparently they don't think it sucks either. ... Except that "From This Moment" crap. Gods, that song makes me feral in ways that I can't even describe. Friend or foe, if you're near me during that shit - RUN.

*Crosses fingers that microphone doesn't give me the finger*

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