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Boredom wins yet again!

Sometimes I close my eyes and remember times past when I had jobs that constantly took my attention. Did I enjoy that constant movement? Was the day faster in moving by?

I don't remember.

I'd say I miss those times... but maybe being bored is better than, say, cleaning toilets.

*Beat* Yeah, boredom is better.

But since I'm bored, I thought I would touch on a few things that stuck in my mind from the commute's radio shows that I heard this morning.

Item #1: You remember those sunflowers in a pot that had sunglasses on that would do a little dance whenever you made noise by them? Oh man, those things were AWESOME. I remember as a kid I'd stalk the plant, attempting to see how much noise I could make before it'd go off. *Pause* I was also an unpopular ugly, fat kid that had major depression, so really, you can see why this activity was high on my list of things to do. (I also played strip poker with my Barbies and pretended I was Paula Abdul. *Shrug*)

Item #2: Brokeback Mountain... You know, it's been raved about so much, and I was going to let it go by without commenting on it, I REALLY was... but... yeah. Since I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, I shall put my comments in a cut!

I was really excited to go see this film. Partly out of curiosity from all the rave, but mostly because I was looking forward to a film that had a good chance of moving things forward with homosexual acceptance.

Aside from the film moving so slow that I wanted to scream out, "JUST FUCK ALREADY", I mainly was disappointed in how it was presented. I wanted to OTP these guys. I wanted to WANT them together. Instead, I was incredibly angry with how Heath's (can't recall the character's name, sorry!) character treated his wife while he was off screwing Jake (again, can't recall names!).

Now, understand that I realize what the point of this was. In that time, to be openly gay meant certain death (as we later find to be very true). These guys were struggling with their identities, their feelings, while the world kept moving on around them. They both got married, because that's what you did. And I sympathized... until Heath turned into the biggest ass hole EVER.

One thing I can't tolerate is adultery. It makes me see red faster than anything else in this world. But for this, I could control my inner grr because of that basic understanding of their situation. But the way Heath treated his wife? No, that I couldn't tolerate. I watched the scenes with cold eyes, my lips pursed tightly together. I wish she'd of bought a fish at the market and HIT HIM IN THE FACE WITH IT.

Finally near the end, when he was divorced, I was able to somewhat be on board with them. But man, by that point, I hated Heath's character (and the way he talked. UGH. Drove me crazy the way he was talking throughout the film). The famous line of "I wish I could quit you" was replied in my head with a "me too."

The ending was still sad, and I admit that I was slightly swayed by it, but with the film being all slow and artsy, a tragic ending wasn't really hard to predict.

*Lets out a breath* Okay, I feel better now.

... Okay, I don't have an item #3. Oh! But I did buy one of those huge V-Day cookies for only $2! Mmm, cookie. It was quite yummy. I plan to go to the gym later on tonight, so more of that delicious cookie shall be mine when I get off work! *Licks lips*

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