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Take two.

As promised, a warning of what my theme for tomorrow's RFM show is!

*Pauses for groans*

For the Valentine's Day weekend that awaits us, I thought a little celebration of my own would be appropriate. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Ye, gods, Summer, not mushy lovey crap!" And you'd be wrong!

Tomorrow's theme = Relationships That Blew.

That's right! All the songs about people hating past lovers, or saddened that they're no longer together. All the angst! All the time! ... Well, I likely won't be angsty when I talk. In fact, I have a special V-Day sex tip for you in the middle of the show! (Yes, all three of you who tune in will have learned something beautiful! ... Or something.)

Anyway, 4-6 pm MST in case you forgot. Comment if you need help figuring out how to tune in!

(Look at me be an advertisement whore.)

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