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Can I get an APB on four pairs of underwear?

I went to Victoria's Secret with gailadora last week and bought five pairs of underwear (five for $25, YAY!). I came home, cut off the tags, put one in my drawer for the next day and left the rest in my VS bag with all its pink tissue paper for when I could organize them better.

Last night I picked up the VS bag to move it... and found it far too light. I pulled out the pink fluff and gazed inside to find... absolutely nothing.

Yes, I have absolutely no idea what I did with them!

The possible reason for this?

A) My cat ate them (he eats everything else)
B) My cat pulled them out of the bag so he could trail them all over the house as his new toys (he's a sneaky little bastard)
C) I took them out and put them somewhere, but now don't recall because I have the memory of a goldfish
D) I somehow crossed over to the anime universe and some panty-thief with a bag over his shoulder, and a mask tied under his nose, grabbed them and took off, yelling "panties PANTIIIIIES"

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