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Of women and roaring.

karenhealey wrote a post that made me realize something I likely wouldn't have known if not for her: It's International Women's Day.

And since I am, in fact, a woman, I thought I should at least say something.

I was poking around the web and came across the website for this day and was excited, and yet somewhat ashamed when I read their definition of the day:

International Women's Day is the universal day that connects all women around the world and inspires them to achieve their full potential.

My first thought was: YES. How is it that I've never known about this? This is AWESOME. Go women GO.

My second thought was: ... Full potential. Yeesh. What do I actually do that's even in that category? And really, I can't say that I've done all I can, but after thinking about it a few minutes (yes, work is slow), I have come to a few conclusions that have settled my stomach a bit:

* I'm an author for betacandy's Hathor Legacy website, which discusses how women are depicted in the media.

* I vote (though I must put a disclaimer on here that I really should vote more often, as I seem to only do so when the presidency is in question)

* I have refused to take my fiance's last name when we finally do walk down that aisle. But it's not a matter of refusing a part of him, it's a matter of keeping what's MINE. What's a part of ME.

... And that's about it. Three things, not bad. The last one does make me think of yesterday's episode of As The World Turns, however.

Two of the characters, Gwen and Will, got married. One of their buddies (who happened to be female) calls out, "It's official. Here's to Mr. and Mrs. Will Mudson!"

My stomach literally churned. Where did she go? Where did Gwen Norbeck go? I had to pause the recording, take a few breaths, grab some water, and have a moment to stop hating the patriarchy, and then unpaused to watch the rest. The giddiness of those crazy teens tying the knot was just completely squished and I just couldn't celebrate with them after that.

On other topics, there's a part of me that wants to jump up on my soap box and bitch to the world about how very angry I am with South Dakota's government right now. How I'm stunned at all this progress we've made be close to shattering. At how so very PISSED I am that there are those out there, right now, trying to find a way to put a shackle on my uterus. Let me say that last part again with an important emphasis: MY uterus.

There's this other part of me that wants to go off about how medical research for women is drastically lower than the research for men and how absolutely infuriated I am.

And yet another part wants to talk about an issue I can't even touch, because it happens to women so very far away from me. About how female circumcision terrifies the hell out of me when I start to imagine what it must be like.

And there's so much more. Women being paid less per hour, women not being hired because they could possibly get pregnant, women in places with no rights whatsoever. Women with their own set of women's issues, just like me. Struggling for every inch, fighting for every right.


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