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Me #1: Summer, you need to get going on writing about barrier methods of birth control today on sexuality101.

Me #2: I know, but there's the test realm contest for World of Warcraft to make as many level 25s as you can in so many days!

Me #1: You can play all you want AFTER you post on the community.

Me #2: But... but... but can't I just get one more character to level five first?

Me #1: No.

Me #2: Pleeeeease.

Me #1: *Sigh* Fine, but then you're doing it.

Me #2: Okay!

*An hour later*

Me #1: Okay, it's time to post.

Me #2: But... but... but can't I just get ONE more character to level five first?

Me #1: NO.

Me #2: *Puppy-dog eyes*

Me #1: Bloody hell!* Fine!

Me #2: Yay!

*An hour later*

Me #1: Okay, NOW it's time to post.

Me #2: But... bu-

Me #1: NO. NO NO NO.

Me #2: But now I'm hungry. Can't we watch our soap opera while eating dinner first?

Me #1: [...] I give up.

I WILL get it done today, damnit! Just... not right now. *Rushes away to eat and watch badly cliched TV*

(* Yes, apparently half of me is British)

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