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Underwear, weekends, far too much sugar, and my continuing attempt to make myself go insane.

Case of the missing underwear: Solved.

Yes, they, uh *cough* were in my underwear drawer. Look, 98% of my underwear is BLACK, okay? I get confused!

But enough about that, let's talk about my inability to let myself breathe.

Well, first off, as I said previously, I had to go into work on Friday to get my annual review. I was told that I'm the coolest thing since sliced bread, should be fed grapes by the gods, and was given a 40 cent raise. I'm... slightly put out by that, but at the same time, realize that that's just me being a brat and should be grateful I make as much as I do.

They also tried to talk me into working an extra day. I did my very best not to snort at them as I turned them down. I did, however, agree to more responsibilities while I'm here. We'll see how that goes.

As for the rest of my weekend...

- Involved lots and lots and LOTS of sugar. OMG was there sugar. Cake, cookies, rainbow-chip frosting. The sugar WOULDN'T STOP. I feel bloated, icky, and uber fat. Bleh. I'm hoping this will make me attempt to get back on to the road of being healthy so I don't drop dead at age 30.

- Two birthday parties (the cake wouldn't stop, people!). My grams' party on Friday night and gailadora's on Saturday.

- rune_karidan came into town and Friday night after the first birthday party there was Magic: The Gathering to be had! (With the game that WOULD NOT END.)

- I typed half of my novel in on Sunday (from the paper edits), jotted down a couple notes I needed to go back for later, and nearly went insane with the need to be doing anything else. (Purely typing in changes you paper-fixed previously? BOOOOOORING.)

- We got new furniture! Couches galore! Mmm, they're so very comfy. It makes the changing to my environment a little less traumatic.

- I died about... ten times playing my new alt on WoW when I found a couple hours to play on Sunday night. I thought it was just me sucking at soloing a mage. But then I grouped up with coldfury and died even MORE, and have now just deemed Westfall evil. Damn you Defias, daaaaaaamn you! *Shakes fist*

In short, I still have yet to get my oil changed (it was due in December), clean my bathroom (it's frightening to behold), catch up on Smallville (I'm now eight to ten episodes behind), catch up on Netflix (those DVDs have started to date me), write my Buffy article for Hathor, and among other things, still have yet to get a chance to get comfy and read for hours on end. *Sniffle* I miss reading outside of work.

Yes, I am far far too busy! My head is going to EXPLODE.

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