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JIHAD! Jihad on YOU. Jihad on you COW.

I am sooooooo done with Anita Blake. Yup, Laurell K. Hamilton can officially kiss my ass!

I wanted to trade in all the AB books I own bright and early tomorrow morning, but coldfury made me promise to wait a week, in case all this was from passionate anger from PURE HATRED.


So, for those that want to know why, here we go...

So, I went to Hastings tonight with coldfury. I walked over to my section of the book portion of the store and noted Micah on the LKH end-shelf. I eyed it suspiciously, considering that A)I hate Micah with the fire of a thousand suns and B) because after the last book of crappiness, I had deemed that I was no longer going to pay money to read any of her books.

Chris suggested that I read the last few pages of the book (which I do often) and so I did.


That's right. Anita Blake, vampire hunter, major slut, gun-toting extraordinaire is FUCKING PREGNANT.


Apparently, it wasn't bad enough that she's fucking everything that moves in the series. Nope, now she needs to be knocked up. Because, naturally, for a story to evolve with a female main character, there MUST be a child involved!

I am so fucking TIRED of strong, independent women (even when I hate them in Anita's case) being subjected to being nothing more than a baby-maker!!

Hey, I'm not saying that pregnancy is bad for some women. Or even that pregnancy is bad at all (though kids, in my opinion, are little bastards that have only three reasons to exist). I'm saying that I am FURIOUS that a woman who is very well known in the media as a kick-ass chick who doesn't take shit from anyone is suddenly a mommy.

You know, it's bad enough that already society considers women a liability in the work-force because "at any time" we could suddenly announce we're eating for two. But UGH, giving them ammo for this reasoning makes me NAUSEATED.

And this coming from an author that was so hell-bent on writing her female lead as a huge slut because she was trying to prove a point about female authors being able to write sex scenes! Now, I grant you, that was stupid reasoning ANYWAY, so who the fuck knows why she thought THIS was a good idea. But for the love of all that is holy, WHY would you do this to a character you were trying to portray to the media as a woman who can hold her own?

Does this mean that a woman icon MUST be symbolized as a giver of life? Is that really what we want?

Because, I, for one, am NEVER having children. NEVER will want them. DON'T have a fucking biological clock, and will be FINE without little me's running around the planet.

Yes. I'm a strong, independent woman. And you know what? I don't HAVE to get knocked up to prove a point. Whatever the fuck that point is supposed to be.

So, FUCK YOU, Laurell K. I'm officially giving you the finger.

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