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So, I've heard bits and pieces about Revolutionary Girl Utena and so it went up on coldfury and I's Netflix queue. Thing is, I keep hearing people tell me that I would absolutely hate this anime.

Now I'm starting to get paranoid. I'm going to watch the first disc regardless, but I was hoping to maybe hear from some of you guys that have actually seen it.

No major spoilers please, but maybe just a general idea of what's in store for me?

Oh! Also? I saw the first disc of D.N.Angel and am rather fond of it, I believe. I'm not in love, but I'm in like. (I might be in love if they would stop shoving baby bits of yaoi in my face.)

Double oh! I also saw the second disc of Ah! My Goddess the TV series. I'm... okay with it. Urd showed up and so that helped a LOT. I've also found myself shipping for the unlikely pair of... uh, okay, can't recall names. The snobby girl that likes... the main character guy and the guy that wants to get it on with Beldandy (yay, I remembered a name! ... Don't know if I spelled it right, but I remembered it! ... Well, okay, I recalled Urd's name too... but that's because she's awesome. Beldandy... bleh). They ROCK as a ship! WHOO. And considering the fact that I can't stand the A ship, I need to get my rocks off SOMEHOW.

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