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Terry Brooks can officially kiss my ass.

I first brought up my dissatisfaction with Terry Brooks on Radio Free Mars last Friday. I had mentioned that Knight of the Word was abysmal, but I tried the Magical Kingdom of Landover series out anyway because I'd been carrying them around with me for years. Mainly, I just wanted them out of my book drawer!

Anyway, on my lunch break, I managed to finish the last book - Witches' Brew. ... Where to begin. Well, first off, I should mention that originally I had discussed my distaste for this series mainly because it held no believability to me. That is to say, believability that would make sense. It's fantasy, of course I'll go along with nymphs, talking dogs, and what-have-you. What I'm talking about is character development. Everyone is so damn 2-dimensional it makes me ill. A couple of characters won my affection, but pretty much all of them got screwed in the last book... but I'll get to that in a minute.

In other words, if I picked this book up when I was 13, I likely would've been all right with it. I likely still would've had problems with the rushed romance, the vanilla main character, and most of all, the horrendous ending, but I would've been more open to the laid backedness Terry Brooks was going for. At least, I'm hoping that's what he was going for. Dear GODS, I hope it was intentional for things to be 'eh' all the way through.

I somewhat wonder if a sixth book was meant to be written in this series. Because Abernathy got SCREWED. Big time. Out of all the characters in this series, him and one other are the only ones I've ever been able to empathize with. (And of course, she got even more screwed than he did in this book.)

Ben's emo over being the Paladin and losing himself? Don't give a damn. Questor almost dead? Nope, didn't care. Willow afraid of losing her family? Gods, why is she the romance lead again? ... And I could go on, but I'll stop.

But what really threw me over the edge is what Brooks did to Nightshade. She was the only character that I thought was going to shine with layers. I mean, Brooks had Nightshade tell her whole story to Misty. Why she's the way she is. And it got me to empathize with her. The villain. Which, okay, isn't anything new for me (you should hear my Labyrinth rant), but yeah. Anyway, and then she gets poofed out of the fantasy world and into Seattle, Washington, forced to live in a cage as a crow. And sure, it alleged to the possibility that she could escape some day. Maybe.

But... but... but if you're going to punish the Big Bad in a book, make them a BIG BAD. Because when I could care less about 98% of the good guys, I'm not siding with them. In the end, I found that damn Mud Puppy that took her to Seattle to be caged the real villain.

And then Misty's family explained to her about how EEEEEVIL Nightshade was and that was that. Her end. Her story.

I threw the book across my car.

I'm re-reading the Mode series of Piers Anthony again, since his fourth and final book FINALLY came out and I can get my closure! (And yes, I realize this has been out for awhile, but I have a BIG reading book list, okay?)

I know Piers won't kill my puppy. ... Unless it was a mud puppy. He can kill those all he wants and I'd be fine.

*Snuggles Piers*

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