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RP meme! That'll make everything better!

In an attempt to bring my appetite back after over-dramatizing thoughts of my birthday, I have found a meme that I could actually get into! (Those seem to be rare of late.)

Anyway, stole from millenia, though I did add back in the one question he took out, for sadly, there was one immediate obvious choice.

Of your RP characters, who is/are your/the:</b>

Least favourite character: Ivy. What can I say - making a mute character? Not as good as advertised.
Favourite characters: Nika, Ali. Nika's so very self-riteous, yet so very innocent. Love love love. Ali was soulless, but in a fun way. Plus, she liked shiny things. Go random!
Do you play Original characters: Never. I hate the idea of having to live up to a certain standard. Not to mention that ruins all my fun of creating the character in the first place. Which, really, is my favorite part.
Male or female characters: I've only played female characters. I'm so bad! (Though I do GM, and so I have played men! So there!)
Oldest character: Shina. Gods, she was so vanilla. But considering I didn't know what the hell I was doing, I can't blame myself for that.
Newest character: Ellie. Why I jumped into a new RP game when I'm far too busy to be reasonably sane is beyond me.
Most popular character: Umm, popular as far as NPCs/PCs are concerned? Ali. She was a musician, she had to be popular!
Character (type) you've never played: Well, obviously men. If we're not counting GMing, then being a villain would count too.

Which character of yours would be most likely to:

Jump off a bridge: Kahri. Dumb as a box of rocks, I tell you. (Intelligence of 6 in 2nd edition D&D) She could hit practically anything by just rolling a 2 or higher on a d20, but if someone told her there was a pretty surprise waiting for her after she jumped? Yup, she'd fall for it.
Get drunk and pass out: Bethany (She's an NPC, but she's my main NPC that never leaves, so she's all mine and I can count her!)
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way: Celine. I don't know if 'unorthodox' really works, but I know she's the only one that wouldn't even bat an eye before taking someone out. No one else really fits that bill.
Get married: Two of my characters have been married, so they tie! Kahri and Ali. Yes, the two characters that I went out of my way to make either slutty or easily bored in relationships. *Shrug* You tell me. I don't get it.
Be far too hyper for their own good: Kahri. How they never managed to get locked in a dungeon because of her is beyond me.
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions: Ellie. Why would she lower herself to asking common people walking along the street when her driver should KNOW where their destination is?
Get lung cancer: Bethany. The only smoker of all characters I've played.
Star in a horror movie: Ali. Like there was any other choice.
Star in a whore movie: Talia. In a heartbeat.
Star in a video game: Celine. Can we say 'glass canon'?
Make the world a better place: Nika. No one is truly evil, damnit! No one should ever take another's life! Be good, be happy, be excellent to each other. *Raise guitar* ... Okay, no, not really.
Have a torrid gay love affair: Talia. Sadly, the rest of my characters are straight as a board. And even she's just bi. Hrm, I should've mentioned never playing a purely homosexual character up above as well, huh? Eh, I'm too lazy to go back.
Be raped: Ivy. It's extremely tragic, and yet so very true. She wouldn't make a sound throughout the entire thing either. Poor poor girl.

Relate each word to a character of yours:

Love: Nika. Even if the only romantic relationship she ever had ended up with him hating her and his dad being responsible for her parent's death and her getting vamped.
Hate: Charity. Unless you were her sister, you were a BASTARD. DIE, ALL. DIIIIIIE.
Money: Ali, Charity (They tie, so there.) Like you thought I picked the name 'Charity' without trying to be ironic in a cliche way.
Seduction: Ali, Talia (Okay, I'm sorry, there's another tie. Look, Ali can seduce anyone with her nifty empathy powers as long as they swung that way, and Talia's a Cult of Ecstasy member!)
Lies: Celine. Not only is it way easy to tell them to others, but she's great at the lying to herself too. Yay denial!
Tragedy: ... You expect me to actually CHOOSE? Okay, if you knew me, you'd realize how ludicrous that is! I THRIVE on making my characters tragic in some way or another. I am sick sick SICK. But, uh, I guess the worse case of them all is Ivy. *Thinks* Yeah, she really did get the worst of it. Celine's a close second, but Ivy wins the trophy.
Violence: Ali, I guess. I mean, most of my PCs had to know how to beat things up, ya know? But she beat up her boyfriend as a form of foreplay, so I'll let her win this one.
Politics: Ellie. Daughter of a possibly future Prime Minister? Yeah, she wins.
Fire: Nika. By far my most passionate character. It's so sad that she's a virgin and will likely remain so for a very very long time. *Beat* Okay, I'm more sad that that means she won't ever have sex with Joseph. Mmm, Joseph. *Licks the NPC*
Ice: Celine. She can make ice form under people's feet! ... Okay, or I could be talking outside of the physical here.

Would you ever:

Play a prostitute: Sure, why the hell not. Though $10 bucks says she winds up marrying someone.
Play a musician: Done. Yay for drums!
Play a pilot: Well, I made a pilot cat-girl for the BESM game that I doubt is ever going to happen. So, guess I would!
Play a homosexual: You know, I don't have any problems with homosexuality, but I think bisexuality is the biggest stretch I'll make for RPing. Why? I'm not really sure. Just doesn't appeal to me as an option.
Play a pedophile: EW. EW EW EW. And no. NO NO NO.
Play a politician: No thanks. Having a character know about politics is stressful enough. Oi.
Create a character for the sole purpose of smut: Naw. They wind up smutting it up when I never even intend them to anyway. Why skip the inbetween? That's the most fun part.
Play a character who commits incest: Does rape count? Cause I could see myself making a fucked up backstory like that. Otherwise, I highly doubt it.

Okay, I'm STARVING (yay, this meme did its job!), so I'm not going to type out a mini description of each of the RP characters I mentioned here. But really, if you didn't know that particular character, would you care? If you do, then by all means comment, and I'll give you a brief description of the character you're curious about, okay? There, everyone can be happy!

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