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RFM pause.

So, I was going to have one last RFM session before I went on a short break to get my novel in order from the really helpful comments I've gotten thus far from my readers.

But, well, then I forgot this weekend was ACen. So, uh, that's 80% of my listeners.

Anyway, so I think I'll break this Friday up until the end of May. Which, in some respects, is gonna drive me bonkers because I was in the middle of a three-week theme and that last week's theme is still out there, waiting for its turn!

But yeah, I really should start working on the novel thing while comments are fresh in my head. (Though those that haven't finished it yet, no worries, I'm just going with changes that I KNOW I'll have to do after hearing comments.)

Okay, so that's it, just wanted to give a heads up. I'll see you in June! (And maybe some of you people that are frightened of this 'online radio' concept too :P)

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