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*Blows her nose for the thirtieth time this morning*

Yup, caught a cold. I feel absolutely icky.

I've also been kicked out of my desk for the next two days at work. Even if it wasn't for the fact that part of my stuff I need my computer that has certain programs on it, there's also the fact that I don't do well working on projects outside of my territory. It makes me feel uncomfortable and grry. Or maybe that's the sickiness talking. Probably both. Yes, keep the sick girl up front at the receptionist desk for two days so she can spread her germs throughout the building! Excellent plan!

The only plus to this day so far is that my fiance is an absolute love, because in my sickened haze this morning, I forgot my lunch in the fridge. He's going to bring it to me (a twenty to thirty minute drive one way, on his day off, mind), because he is THAT wonderful.

Anyway, forgive me if I'm later still on comments I need to catch up on. I will get to them when I feel less bleh. In the meantime, coddles are welcome!

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