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Sensitive and squishy. - GROWL — LiveJournal
Sensitive and squishy.
I'm partly writing this post because my job is making me want to down a bottle of something heavily alcoholic at present. Not to mention I should've been on my lunch break five minutes ago and I'm not entirely sure when I'll get to go... and that means they don't deserve me paying attention to work duties. *Nods sagely*

And the other part is me just being... me. I was starting to wonder, you know, out of all the posts about silliness, bitchiness, and otherwise random things, I don't often talk about... well, the chewey center stuff. Or rather, the things that most people find "important" bits of someone's psyche. Now, granted, I don't think this makes me up or anything, but it's always interesting to read/talk about the stuff no one brings up. AKA: Religion, the pros, political stance, astrological sign, blah blah. And just for fun, I might even bring up my favorite book/movie... or whatever random thing that comes to mind!

And hey, if you wanna fill it out and call it a meme - go for it! Sure! WOOT. .. Gods, I'm hungry.

Basically, this is a 'getting to know you' thing for those on my list that, well, don't know me very well.

Age: 26
Sex: F (It was so very difficult not to write the cliched 'yes, please!' there)
Sign: Taurus
Marital Status: Engaged (to pirateday)
Sexual Orientation: Straight (though I gotta tell you, there are far too many girls out there that I've said I'd switch for to not wonder about that sometimes)
Kids: I'd rather drink liquid Draino
Living Arrangement: House with two roomies (pirateday and coldfury) and a kitty (Ares)
Religion: Atheist
Politics: Umm... Well, I'm not republican, I can tell you that much
Abortion: Pro-choice
Feminism: Sure, but I'm not psycho about it.
But do you say people 'hit like a girl'?: Yes, yes I do. Deal with it.
Vices: Sugar and gambling
Favorite Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Favorite Book: Wizard's First Rule, by Terry Goodkind (Yes, this book has officially won over Blue Moon Rising)
Favorite Book Genre: Supernatural horror, though I also love fantasy and smut books
Genre I personally write: Supernatural horror and urban fantasy
Favorite Song: Fuer Elise by Beethoven (Okay, if you speak German, you'll understand where that e is coming from)

Okay, that's enough. And sure, I picked this up after lunch and typed here and there, but you can still feel sorry for earlier hungry me! Anyway, there it is. Read it, don't read it. *Shrug* It entertained me, and that's all that really matters, so there!

Current Mood: bored bored

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