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So very wrong.

I went to grab the latest Dresden Files book by Jim Butcher at Hastings after work today.

As I was perusing for it, I saw the latest Sookie book (Charlaine Harris series) in hard-cover in the recently released section. Dresden... was not there.

Naturally, I go inquire, to make sure I'm not just being a dumb-ass. And nope, I wasn't. Where are all the pretty JB books?

Books girl: It looks like we never ordered any. Seems they didn't think there'd be enough demand, so we were going to have it be order only from this store.

Okay, what the HELL? I don't know if you guys recall the book I'm talking about that WAS there, but this is the vampire series that was so terribly awful that it took all of my willpower to finish so that I felt I had paid my $7.99 not in complete vain.

THAT made the list, but Jim didn't? Something is terribly wrong with the world.

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