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A weekend of unproductivity.

I have yet to work on editing my novel. Granted, I've had a lot of things consistently come up. And when I think all those things are finished and I can work... something else pops up. It's a vicious cycle!

Though, I must say, a lot of this weekend was very much social. *Beat* Okay, or all of it was. It was Memorial Day, damnit! Leave me alone!

Anyway, some highlights:

* Ares had his first birthday yesterday. coldfury bought him a kitty condo that he absolutely adores. Knowing that I couldn't top that, I decided to just go with simple pleasures and bought him two kitty toys. One of them fascinates me, so if he tires of it, it shall not be wasted!

* I watched National Treasure with miggy, coldfury, and gailadora this last Sunday. ... Man, was that movie stupid. But it was good times to make fun of. Plus, the comic relief guy was so very adorable! I wanted to take him home! ... Well, he was in my home, but I wanted to take him home outside of the television screen! He could bunk with Ares! The cat has his own room, after all.

* I got level 30 with my WoW Night Elf priest and level 48 with my human mage. But even more cooler than that, I had a completely ego day with my priest. We went on a Stockades run and the two pick-ups my friends and I grabbed thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread when it came to healing. Even niftier than that was when we hit the Battle Grounds (WSG)... and died. And lost. A lot. Okay, no, that wasn't the nifty part. The nifty part was when I got a whisper from someone that wasn't in the my raid group telling me I was the best priest they'd ever seen play battle grounds. I thanked them, while at the same time was confused as to how they'd know if they weren't on my team.

Turns out? It was a horde rogue that had continually killed me with one of his rogue buddies who jumped on his/her second account where they had an alliance character on the server. Yup, just to tell me how much I rocked and that was why he/she was always on my ass. I was a challenge! Then he/she said that if everyone was as good as me, we'd be beating the horde. Awwwwww. I told him/her that I looked forward to battling him/her again. He/she told me that they weren't looking forward to it because I was a tough cookie! It took the sting out of getting constantly smacked down by two rogues at once, I tell ya!

Okay, that is all for now. The social is over, and the work week has begun. The work week that will never end as I must clean and clean and CLEAN this weekend for an upcoming house inspection. *Cries*

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