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I'm in a funky daze today. I think this is largely due to the insomnia I've had for far too many days for any person to be sane. Well, semi insomnia. You know the sleep but not thing? Where you dream, but you never go to that next step in the sleep process following dreaming? Yeah, I seem to be stuck there, half aware of me being in bed the entire time. (Though I'm still trying to figure out why the central theme of my dream last night dealt with Chex Mix as a cereal.)

Anyway, so the working thing... not really working for me. And it's not even my Friday! That means there's not even an end in sight to the tired working blehs.

So, I say, REVOLT. I mean, I'm not being much use here anyway. Problem-solving when you're working with half brainpower? Yeah, not so helpful. So damn the man! Save the Empire! Someone win a million dollars and give me half so I can run away!

... And why is it that I can't think straight, but I can still manage to spell?

*Beat* Gods, I'm going to read this LJ post later and discover it is very random and full of making no sense.

... Damn the man! Save the Empire! *Beat* Damnnit, I already said that. *Cries* I need a pillow.

I have this idea for a Hathor article (, but I believe I will forget before I can jot the idea do-... like right now. Damn. (And yes, I'm apparently too tired to recall how to make that website clickable. Er, well, it's clickable just... not.. something. Yeah!)

The room is slightly spinning and my arms are doing that slight tingly thing where they feel only half there. *Waits for the dancing faeries to appear*


There they are.


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