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Thankfully, the cops didn't show up...

Rented the Playstation II game, Haunting Ground, with gailadora and wondervixen. We played it while pitch dark outside, lights all off.

The first time we had to run away from the big, scary guy that wants to eat us? Yeah, you'd of thought we were all being horribly slaughtered if you happened by our front porch at the time.

I'm seriously wondering how coldfury managed to sleep through all the screaming.

In either case, I find it amusing that wondervixen and I can be such hard cookies to scare when it comes to horror flicks (outside of the doll genre, of course), but you give us a video game like this or Resident Evil, and we become frightened little teenage girls. ... gailadora is always like that, so she doesn't count. (The best part was when I gave her the controller and she freaked because she couldn't play and hold a blanket over her head at the same time. *Cackles*)

If you liked the game Clock Tower, you'd like this. It has the same set-up. But with a puppy! Go puppy GO.

ETA: Turns out, coldfury did *not* sleep through our screaming. We also apparently woke up pirateday (who didn't tell me he was going to sleep, so I'm not feeling too guilty there). ... Whoops.

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