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Men too simplistic to read fiction?

That's what this article in Writer's Digest implies.

Apparently, they did this study that found only 20 percent of novel sales come from men. The reason? Well, this is what author, Steve Almond, thinks:

"Men don't read fiction because they don't want to deal with complicated, painful internal conflicts."

Bullshit. Bull. Shit.

Let's think about this 20 percent thing, shall we?

Well, first off, according to a website I glanced at (I know, not all that reassuring, but the stats sound about right from what I've heard before - 48.6 percent of mass market book sales are from romance novels.

Okay, rounding? That's HALF of the paperback book market right there. Now, if you really want to get into an argument with me about men purchasing smut books, by all means, bring it, but I don't really think it's any stretch to say that women readers took over that market.

Now, I'm far too lazy to look up any more stats, so I'll just stop there when it comes to other genre's coming in to swoop up female sales.

My real point is - How can you insinuate that men don't read with just that one statistic? Oh, I'm sorry, and the article's author's husband and son not being interested. Right, yes, that cinches it. *Rolls eyes*

They further decided this was the case by discussing how the 'men's market' approach jumped the shark before it had it's first 'season'. So what if the 'men's market' of books plummeted? That just means there are far fewer men interested in reading a book about a main character who watches sports and scratches his balls all day. (Okay, I might have added the balls part myself...) They get points for that in my book.

Blah blah blah. You know what? There isn't one guy I know that doesn't read fiction. Granted, a couple of them don't read nearly as much as they used to, but they still like it when they get going. Hell, I talk to more guys about books I've read than women! MEN READING ARE EVERYWHERE. SURROUNDING YOU. THEY WILL TAKE OVER YOUR BOOKSTORES WITH THEIR FICTION RAY OF DOOM.

So, shame on you for assuming men don't read! Shame on you twice for thinking it's because they don't have the mental stamina for it! *Shakes head at them*

(Note: I will say this, however. My man never buys books. He always steals them from me after I buy them. Maybe that's where part of this statistic comes from! Conspiracy!)

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