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A little Jack and a little smack.

Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 yesterday.

The fight scenes were so very awesome. The female lead kicking butt in several of said fight scenes made Summer a happy panda.

The thing is... I hate Orlando Bloom. Like... a lot. So it's very difficult for me to really like any character he plays. Will's an all right enough guy, which for me, is really rather remarkable that I can say that much. And sure, I suppose it was sweet enough him getting the girl in the first movie.

Problem is, he's extremely boring. I don't give a damn about him or his dad. Those touching scenes on the boat? Pfft, I could've cared less. I was caring more about trying to understand that damn dice game more than anything going on between father and son during that scene.

However, Elizabeth is engaged to the dull man. And I have this silly thing about loyalty and stuff.

... But... but... but it's Captain Jack Sparrow! I mean, damn, how can I not react to them macking? My initial reaction was to freak out like everyone else in my friends group, but then I started hrming with 'well, it is rather hot...'

So, I'm at a loss of how I want the third movie to go. Do I want her to stand by her boring man... or get it on with the sexy, fun Captain Pirate. Eeee, I don't know! *Runs around in circles*

Nothing else really exciting to note. *Beat* Though I must say that I am NOT pleased that Musa got kicked off of So You Think You Can Dance? last Thursday! Travis sooooo should've got the boot! (There is nothing more annoying in the world than a kiss-ass. "*Sniffle* I just want you all to know that I LOVE MY MOMMY. *Sniffle sniffle* She's the whole reason why I dance like I'm having a seizure." Judges: "... Well, shit, we can't kick him off after THAT".)


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