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The RP mind never rests.

When you're on a thirty minute commute home in 90 degree weather, wearing all black, with no air conditioning, and one window that won't roll down... you start to get some bat-shit weird ideas.

For example, this new role-playing idea:

Summer's head: You know what would be cool? Having a HUGE RP game where there's 12 to 15 PCs and three or so GMs. The GMs would come up with some grand plan, but have mini sessions planned. Then, depending on situation and randomness, a certain number of PCs would go to each GM. So, you'd have this huge pool of people to role-play off of. Minis would be CRAZY.

Now, I have no idea where these GMs and PCs would come from in such a large number... nor do I have any of idea of what system all said players could agree on... but it'd be so nuts it'd be good times! Plus? You're not necessarily into one of the GMs playstyles? Well, hey, every session, you only have a 1/3 of a chance being put in their group! Yay! Or, alternatively, you really like a bunch of GMs styles and you get to enjoy them, excited by not knowing who you'll get that day!

It'd be like summer camp!

... Okay, I'm not really sure where that came from. *Beat* Unless it was an RPG that dealt with slashers.

Yeah, I know, I should go grab some water and stop dehydrating my body of mental power.

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