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So I'm 90% sure that Graham from Btvs is Dr. Chris Hughes on As the World Turns... Bizarre! Damnit! Now I'm going to have to start watching it!

Also, Summer finally finished those 200 Buffy Q's that I got from miggy. Go me!

1. What's your favourite season? And why?

Season three. (Though, season four is a close second.) It had the best big bad, vamp Xander, pre Buffy-whipped Spike, Faith, and my favorite Buffy ep song (The chair song from Doppelgangland).

2. What's your favourite episode? And why?

"Passion.” I love the mood, the interaction, and Pissed off Giles is hoooooot! I love the monologues with Angel at the beginning and end of the ep. All around, the episode was AMAZING! Though, I still mourn Jenny *sniff*

3. What's your favourite episode from season 1?

"The Pack.” Evil, dominant Xander… Ooooh yeah!

4. What's your favourite episode from season 2?

"Passion,” obviously. Though "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" is my second favorite. I certainly think it’s the most funny ep the show has ever done (Well, Tabula Rasa might give it a run for its money…)

5. What's your favourite episode from season 3?

"Doppelgangland” – Loooove vamp Willow! Plus, one of my favorite scenes of all time is when she walks into the Bronze for the first time in this reality. Oh, and let us not forget evil Anya lines such as “Idiot child!” or “I’m 1120 years old, just give me a frickin’ beer!”

6. What's your favourite episode from season 4?

”Restless” – Giles and Spike swinging, Riley’s “I got here early, so I get to be cowboy guy,” Harmony “biting” Giles, Giles’ yummy singing, great background music, etc, etc.

7. What's your favourite episode from season 5?

"Fool For Love” baby! Mmmm…Spike episode. All sides of Spike! Spike here, Spike there, Mmm…I’m in heaven. Plus, even some of the stupid Riley parts were funny. LOVED the potato chips scene. ^_^

8. What's your favourite episode from season 6?

”Tabula Rasa” – One of the few episodes of the season that actually wasn’t angst filled. Though “Once More With Feeling” is a close second.

9. What's your favourite episode from season 7?

”Beneath Me” – Joss’ ending sold me. Granted, some of the scenes were a bit off, but the episode was very enjoyable. Plus, it had one of the best lines! Nancy: “Is there anyone here that *hasn’t* slept together?”

10. Who's your favourite character? Why?

S – P – I – K – E ! A British “bad-ass” that has a mega attitude. Mmmm… Plus, he’s that guy that every girl secretly wants (in my opinion): All tough and bravado on the outside, but a complete softie when it comes to the woman he loves. Awww… (Buffy doesn’t deserve him! Bitch.)

11. Who's your least favourite character? Why?

RILEY! *NO* contest. Is there really a need to state why? Every time I even hear his name I grumble. Writing his name a second ago made me GRRR.

12. Who was your favourite big bad? Why?

As stated before - the Mayor. He’s just so… cute.

13. Least favourite big bad? Why?

Adam. Let’s face it; the only reason S4 flew was because of the amazing stand-alones.

14. Do you like Kennedy?

I hope she dies of Syphilis.

15. Who's your favourite couple?

Depends on what you mean. I’m a Spike/Buffy fan to the end, but I hated how Buffy treated him. Thus, they’re my favorite utopian couple. In series, I’d say Jenny/Giles.

16. If you could have any two people hook up from Buffy, who would YOU pick?

Season 1 Buffy (but older, cuz otherwise, eww) with Season 5 Spike.

17. Would it be a serious relationship or just once for sex type of thing?

Serious. I’m tired of seeing men just used for sex on this damn show!

18. Do you think Spike and Buffy make a cute couple?

They’d be cute if Buffy would shape up and stop being such a bitch. Oh wait, she’s still “cookie dough.”

19. Which fight on Buffy do you think was the best?

I must quote Kristen, because she said *exactly* what I think: “The intercut subway/alley fight from "Fool For Love." The editing work alone puts it over the top.”

20. If you could make any two Buffy characters fight ... who would they be?

3rd season Wesley and Vamp Harmony. That would be hilarious!

21. Who would win?

Neither. I have a feeling it would be a similar scene as to that of Xander and Harmony fighting… But more funny.

22. Would the other die?

I don’t think either is capable of killing anything unless it was standing perfectly still.

Other Stuff

23. Do you often say, 'Oh my JOSS!'?

If someone said that to me, I’d be very worried about them.

24. Who was your favourite musical guest on Buffy?

The chair chick of course!

25. What's your favourite condom flavor?

Don’t have one. But my favorite condom I bought from the Rubber Rainbow looks like a sucker, so I put it on my wall.

26. What does that have to do with Buffy?

… Umm… Buffy’s a sucker?

27. Which season do you think Buffy had the best hair?

Season two.

28. Willow?

Season three.

29. Xander?

Season two.

30. Giles?

Season four.

31. Did you like Maggie Walsh's hair?


32. Do you think the actress who played Professor Walsh would make a good Kay Scarpetta in a movie?


33. If you could meet any Buffy cast member, or special guest, or even an extra ... who would it be?

Well, I’ve met JM, so I’ll go with Alexis. YUMMY!

34. How many times do you think about Buffy a day?

Depends. In the summer? About a handful. During the school year when there’s actual episodes? (Well, not anymore I guess. *Sniff*) A LOT!

35. Do you like to read Buffy fanfiction?

Yes. It’s very distracting when you’re trying to study.

36. If so, who are your favourite characters to read about?

Spike/Buffy. I gotta get the utopian couple somewhere, don’t I?

37. Do you write Buffy fanfiction?

… Well, I wrote a default chapter once… It was all smutty and stuff. I was very proud of myself ^_^

38. If so, who do you write about?

Spike/Buffy. Heh, but it’s MY favorite Spike. The, I-don’t-give-a-damn-about-Buffy-but-the-sex-is-nice Spike!

39. Would you take a college class just about Buffy?


40. If you were ever to be a guest on Buffy, would you be a bad guy, good guy, an extra, an ubie?

A bad guy! Being evil is fun!

41. Would you die?

Naturally. Because as we all know, “Good always triumphs over evil” blah blah. Whatever.

42. Would you make out with Willow?

Before she made out with Kennedy, sure, why the hell not. But I wouldn’t venture ANYWHERE that Kennedy’s been!

43. Would you make out with Andrew?

Maybe if I was drunk.

44. Do you think Anya is sexy with her demon face?

Not really.

45. Which Buffy character do you most resemble?

Harmony with Sunday’s ensemble.

46. Which Buffy character do you act like most?

If Anya and Spike had a kid, I’d be it.

47. If you were in the episode 'Earshot' and Buffy heard your thoughts, what would she hear?

You remember her reaction after she started hearing EVERYONE’S thoughts in the school hallway? Yeah, that’d be it. Aw, the life of one with ADD!

48. Do you ever think about poisoning everybody in your school with rat poison?

Naw. I was too busy thinking about giving myself rat poison at the time to note wanting others dead.

49. If you could write an episode about Buffy, what would your episode be about?

I still feel cheated with not getting a Xander/Spike roomies episode in S7!

50. If Anya offered to get revenge on anyone for you, who would you choose?

My ex boss when I worked at a bingo place… What a dick. He would insult an employee outright, and call them stupid, etc. to their face. Ass hole.

51. What would she do to him/her?

… I think many people would be distinctly disturbed if I answered this question.
52. If you could choose any character to die, who would it be?

Kennedy. The girl actually beats Dawn! (Umm… Not literally.)

53. Would that character be Kennedy?

You bet your sweet ass!

54. During which episode do you think Willow and Tara first had sex?

”New Moon Rising” – At the end of the episode.

55. What do you think really happened to Miss Kitty Fantastico?

I have a feeling Spike lost her in a poker game somewhere in S5.

56. Did you like Tara?

I used to HATE her (I giggled with glee when she was brain sucked by Glory in S5). But, in S6, she got tolerable. Though, I wasn’t crushed by her death, merely the consequences of her absence (Kennedy and her icky tongue ring).

57. Would you like it if Joss Whedon made a Buffy movie?

Depends. Is it going to be a Buffy-is-finally-cookie-dough movie? (Yes, I’m attempting to get over the line, I really am.) Cuz if it is, and Angel and her start macking, NO THANK YOU!

58. If you could choose any character from Buffy to move on to Angel next season ... who would you choose?

Buffy. But only because I want the Spike/Buffy storyline resolved.

59. If you could choose to bring back any dead character, who would you choose?

Jenny. I want Giles happy damnit!

60. Who was your favourite member of the Watchers Council?

I’m assuming you mean no main character Council members. If that’s the case, then Lydia all the way!

61. Do you think Oz had hypertrichosis?

… Umm… No? The man had lycanthropy, leave him alone or he’ll get an even bigger complex!

62. Do you own any of the Buffy DVD's?


63. Which season(s)?

S1 – S4.

64. Do you own any other Buffy merchandise?


65. What else do you own?

Lots and lots of things, for I am a Taurus, and thus consider each and every one of them precious.

66. Do you think Joss Whedon should make a show about Willow and Tara?

Does Xander have two eyes?

67. If there was an 8th season, who do you think the big bad could be?

Well, I thought Buffy was going to be it for S7, so I’ll say her for 8.

68. Do you like the show Family Guy?


69. Which couple from Buffy (or couple that YOU would like to be together) do you think would do this number?

I think all of them would be receptive to it. Except, of course, Potato Sex Man. Yes, I believe Potato Sex Man would need a diagram, and then still refuse purely on Iowa morals.

70. Do you think Whit should dump Balthazar and go back with Clem?

Clem and Sophie forever, baby!

71. After this season, what do you think Willow is gonna do?

What else? – Mind fuck Kennedy. Hmm… I’m actually not opposed to that.

72. Xander?

Well, he no longer has a job (since, you know, not there anymore), and since he no longer has depth perception, he wouldn’t be able to get anywhere with the same career. And, since he only has a HS education will most likely have to move back into his parents’ abusive household (wherever they decided to move to) and eventually give up and get himself vamped purely so that he could stake himself (though he most likely wouldn’t…since, well, EVIL and all)… I love Xander, but Joss is the one that maimed him, I just call it like it is.

73. Buffy?

Does anyone really care?

74. Giles?

Return to the Founders. (Ahem… Sorry, DS9 reference.)

75. Anya?

If she went to Hades, I would surmise she’d be surrounded by cute, little bunny rabbits, eating at her flesh.

76. If Joss Whedon made a new series about any Buffy character (older and dead characters count too), who would you like it to be about?

Spike, Xander, Andrew, and Faith. I’d love Harmony in it, but mainly only for a few here and there, not as a main character.

77. Do you think Dawn and Connor would make a cute couple?

78. Do you think Joss Whedon should have given Dawn a boyfriend?


79. A girlfriend?


80. Do you wish Dawn had died in the season finale of season 5?

Yes! Can we rewind time and have it happen?

81. Have you seen the softer side of Sears?

I got my cleavage shirt from them. It’s mega cute! ^_^

82. Who's your favourite vampire?

Spike, of course. But since I don’t want to be predictable, I’ll throw Webbs, Richard, Harmony, and Sunday in there.

83. Who was your favourite principal?


84. Do you know what a Razorback is?


85. Do you think it's unfair that only females can be slayers?

No. I think it makes perfect sense. Women have a higher tolerance for pain, have more agility, etc. Give them mega strength and they’re the perfect warriors. Sure, I wouldn’t mind men having part of the action, but I liked the idea, and not EVERYTHING has to be sexist! Sometimes, an idea is just an idea. Deal.

86. Can dogs be turned into vampdogs?

I can see the logic, but it just sounds silly.

87. Do you believe Buffy was really in heaven?

*Shrug* Why not?

88. Do you have Buffy posters in your room?

During the school year - yes.

89. If so, of which characters?

Spike. Yummy.

90. If you could sleep with any Buffy character, who would it be?

Spike. If we’re being literal? Eh, Spike. He doesn’t have breath, so he wouldn’t snore, or have bad breath in the morning.

91. Would you have a threesome with Giles and Professor Walsh?

No. Professor Walsh is too high of a price.

92. Do vampires have sperm?

No. If the organs no longer work, then I doubt the prostate gland and the testicles are still producing seaman and sperm. Men are still capable of orgasm without ejaculating as long as there is blood flow, so vamps can still have a happy.

93. Do you think Willow is ever going to finish college?


94. If Eliza Dushku's new show gets picked up, will you watch it?

Maybe. I want to out of curiosity, but I also want it to plummet, so I don’t want to support it at the same time. I want my Faith and Spike spin-off damnit!

95. Who's your favorite Buffy writer(s)?


96. If Buffy Animated is ever made, will you watch it?

Sure! But if it sucks, I’ll stop.

97. Do you read the Buffy comics?

The drawing stunts my creativity.

98. Do you read Buffy novels?


99. Who do you think Buffy should be with in the end?

Spike. It’s who he wants people! I want him happy! Bad choice or no.

100. What do you think about the character Buffy Summers?

You know that Cartman song from Southpark, “Bitch”? Yeah, that about sums it up.

This Or That

101. Buffy or Faith?


102. Angel or Spike?


103. Oz or Tara?


104. Tara or Kennedy?


105. Oz or Kennedy?


106. Xander or Andrew?


107. Anya or Willow?


108. Buffy or Willow?


109. Sunday or Harmony?

Mean! GRRR! Fine! Harmony.

110. Professor Walsh or Adam?

Adam (purely for the sexual innuendoes with Riley).

111. Giles or Wesley?

Angel S3-4 Wesley.

112. Spike or dogshit?

*What*? … Spike.

113. Willow or Tara?


114. Miss Kitty Fantastico or Willow's fish?

Miss Kitty Fantastico.

115. Once More With Feeling or Hush?

Once More With Feeling.

116. Under Your Spell or I'll Never Tell?

I'll Never Tell.

117. Giles or Tara?


118. Clem or Spike?


119. Drusilla or Darla?


120. Xander or Spike?


121. Cordelia or Harmony?

Vamp Harmony/HS Cordelia.

122. Marcie or Warren?


123. Jonathan or Andrew?

MEAN!! *Sigh* Andrew. I’m going to hell.

124. Joyce or Hank?


125. Joyce or Sheila?


126. Glory or The Master?


127. AprilBot or BuffyBot?


128. AprilBot or Katrina?


129. Dawn or Anya?


130. Angel or Angelus?


131. Evil Spike, Chipped Spke, Souled/Chipped Spike, or Souled Spike?

Evil Spike. Mmmmmm!

132. Ampata or Ms. French?

Ampata. Ms. French killed one of my favorite Sunnydale teachers! Bitch.

133. Dead Buffy or Buffy?

Dead Buffy.

134. Buffy or BuffyBot?

Buffybot. Hell! I was close to RPing her in an on-line RPG.

135. Xander or Willow?


136. Andrew or Anya?

Andrew. … Now, I’m *definitely* going to hell.

137. Cassie or Marcie?


138. Owen or Scott Hope?


139. Owen or Oz?


140. Moloch or Tara?


141. Spike or Drusilla?


142. Jenny or Olivia?


143. Computer Willow or Magicks Willow?

Magicks Willow.

144. Cousin Beth or Donny?

Both of these displease me! Take them away!

145. Scruffy Xander or Suave Xander?

Suave Xander.

146. Army Xander or Pirate Xander?

Army Xander. Mmmm.

147. Xander/Cordy or Xander/Anya?


148. Willow/Tara or Willow/Kennedy?


149. Ted or Hank?


150. Human Oz or Werewolf Oz?

Human Oz.

151. Veruca or Willow?

Willow. I LOATHE Veruca! Bitch.

152. Spike almost naked or Xander in a speedo?

Spike almost naked.

153. Kennedy alive or Kennedy dead?

Dead! It can be quick! … I don’t want it to be, but I’ll settle!

154. The First Evil or The Mayor?

The Mayor.

155. Spike's chest or Andrew's?


156. Belts or beltless?

Hee hee hee. “In my plan, we are beltless!”

157. Lily or Chantarelle?


158. Tattoos or Piercings?


159. Beauty or Beasts?


160. Human Willow or Vamp Willow?

Vamp Willow.

161. Human Xander or Vamp Xander?

Vamp Xander.

162. Rich Cordy or Poor Cordy?

Poor Cordy.

163. Straight Willow or Gay Willow?

Taps shoe heel in annoyance. The girl’s bi, people! BI!

164. Kathy or Dawn?


165. Drunk Buffy or Sober Buffy?

Drunk Buffy.

166. Riley or Spike?


167. Riley or Angel?


168. Riley or a stick?

Hell, I’d take Chlamydia over Riley!

169. Old Sunnydale High or new Sunnydale High?

Old Sunnydale High.

170. Demon Giles or Human Giles?

Human Giles.

171. Faith awake or Faith in a coma?

Faith awake.

172. Superstar Jonathan or Earshot Jonathan?

Superstar Jonathan.

173. Buffy/Angel having sex, Buffy/Riley having sex, or Buffy/Spike having sex?


174. Dracula or The First Evil?

The First Evil.

175. Chinese Slayer or Nikki?


176. Angel's hair back in the 18th century or now?


177. Olaf or Xander?


178. Dawn yelling 'Get out! Get out! Get out!' or Dawn singing?


179. Dead Joyce or Alive Joyce?

Alive Joyce.

180. Smart Tara or Special Ed Tara?

Smart Tara.

181. The Summers home flooded or the Summers home dry?


182. Buffy as a construction worker, as a Magic Box employee, as a college student, or as a DoubleMeat Palace worker?

Construction worker.

183. The Buffy gang with their memory or without their memory?


184. Sam or Buffy?


185. Juggling Buffy or Charades Buffy?

… Charades. I guess.

186. Anya's wedding dress or the bridesmaid dresses?

Wedding dress.

187. Xander's family or Anya's demon friends?

Demons. They were very cool and undrunk.

188. Crazy Buffy or Slayer Buffy?

Crazy Buffy. I watched her smack Xander over the head with that frying pan… gosh, I don’t know how many times! When I was sad, I’d rewind to that scene to cheer me up! Plus, she smacked Dawn about too! SCORE!

189. Willow/Tara arguing or Willow/Tara making out?

Eh, either way I was usually bored.

190. Xander/Anya having sex or Anya/Spike having sex?

Anya/Spike. A Spike/Buffy fan to the end, despite my better judgment, and I still wanted them to have a second go!

191. Black Magic Willow or Yellow Crayon Willow?

Black Magic Willow.

192. Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen?

Which one freaks out and kills the other? Eh, I’ll put $5 bucks on Ashley… Whichever one she is.

193. Rona or Choa-Ahn?

Choa-Ahn. Not only because she was the funniest of the girls, but also because Rona’s a big ho.

194. Caleb or Mr. Trick?

Mr. Trick.

195. Dawn or Willow?


196. Drusilla and Spike together or Spike and Buffy together?

Buffy and Spike. Dru had her chance and blew it! I pity her not!

197. Tara alive or Tara dead?

Alive. If Tara had been in S7, Kennedy would not have been. Or, at the very least, would have had a smaller part!

198. Willow in England or Willow in Sunnydale?


199. Xander with one eye or two?


200. Dawn as a ball of energy or human Dawn?

Ball of energy. Willow knows how! C’mon Will, show us your stuff!

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