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There are good bad movies, and then there are *bad* bad movies

Alex and Emma was a *bad BAD* bad movie.

I know Kate Hudson can act somewhat well cuz I've seen her do a decent job in other things, but this... this was... BAD! The writing, the acting, hell! even the wardrobes were lousy! I mean, I started laughing out of pure desperation after awhile!

The positive of this experience? I put my imagination to work about 20 min. in, and started creating! I worked through some problem areas in my book, figured out a couple of key character points for my Buffy RPG character, and planned out my schedule for the next day (tomorrow's gonna be busy... Well busy compared to what I've been dealing with of late... I'm soooo excited! Doing stuff is fun!)

All in all though? Bleh! Please let From Justin to Kelly be a good bad movie! PLEASE!!

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