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Anime conclusions

coldfury and I managed to finish two anime series in the last couple of days. Whoo! Go us!

Gundam Seed, although the storyline continues in another series, ends beautifully. Er, well, beautiful in a sense of doing right by the story. And, sure, by upsetting me so much that I went mute for almost thirty minutes. But, although I'm not a spoiler whore, it was good to hear that my reason for being pissy is resolved and put to right in Destiny. Yay!

Seriously, I cannot tell you how absolutely awesome this series is. I mean, okay, I just did, and pretty vaguely too, but that's because I don't want to spoil you! But in a few words, it's about: War! Mechs killing people! OTPs! Not really OTPs! Lots and lots of crying! Guys wearing masks! (Well, okay, just one.) Friendships causing me to make LJ icons like the one I posted with! A huge cast of likable characters (or characters disliked in a fun way)! A pop singer aiding a war effort with more than just her vocal talents! Lovable open/ending credits! Inuyasha's English voice actor playing multiple roles purely for me to giggle!


Okay, I'm done now.

And yesterday we finished my pick (coldfury chose Seed), DN Angel. ... Yeah, his pick was better. BUT, this anime didn't suck. It just... was sort of there.

Thing is, after seven discs, I expect to care about characters. At the end, they gave me everything I wanted... and I sort of shrugged in a 'eh, that's cool, but I'm still not buying you' way. When I want something to happen and it does... I squeal. If I'm really surprised I actually got something I wanted, I squeal after a large gasp. And sometimes, if I really REALLY wanted something and it happens... well, then I do a couch victory dance... with squeals.

The show ended. I glanced to coldfury and said, "Well... it was okay. I'm gonna go to bed now."

Though, I will say, it was worth watching, if for nothing else, than to hear coldfury scream out "Nooooooo!" every time it looked like the main guy character and his male rival were about to mack. (And believe me, they did it A LOT. After awhile, it became quite clear they were trying to mess with the audience.)

Okay, that's all for now. Trigun and Dual! next in line! I also will need to kidnap sporkchan so that we can watch Boys Over Flowers soon.

Gods, I am such an anime junkie.

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