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Ifritah unplugged.

Internet was wonky on and off all weekend. What did this mean for yours truly?

Why, she managed to peel herself away from her computer long enough to do things she always wants to do, but never manages to do it.

I read. Watched Step Up mit meine Mutter (LOVED this movie, by the way. I'm such a sucker for dance flicks). Brainstormed. Cleaned the dishes while singing along to Maroon 5. ... And likely more things that I can't recall. Anyway, it was grand.

For the bookworms, I finished Terry Goodkind's latest Sword of Truth book, Phantom. It wasn't as good as the last one... party due to the on and on and ooooon he does about war and rape. Which, yes, sure, is important to note. But seriously. We're talking CHAPTERS that do nothing but describe women getting raped and people getting slaughtered. I think it's important to go into that stuff, I do... but damn, Terry.

One more book in the series and then it's finished! How this man is gonna wrap everything up in one book is beyond me. I don't wanna wait a year to find out! *Sniffle*

I'm actually rather impressed with only reading two novels at the moment. (Unless you count the two non-fiction books I've started... and haven't restarted.)

The work novel is Jim Butcher's first book in his Codex Alera series, Furies of Calderon. Not too far in, but it's an interesting concept thus far. I'm not sold like I was after reading the first few chapters of the Dresden Files, but I'm willing to abstain judgment of future book purchases until after it's all read.

The home novel is... umm... what the hell is it called. Geesh, I can't even recall the author's name so I can google! It's a romance novel... with ACTION. Except, well, the ACTION is more action. And it's mostly the author reiterating the past stories that I've read about in the last couple books in the trilogy. And her over-use of the word 'penis'. Which, I'm sorry to say, really does take one out of the moment when used far too often. (And maybe it's me? But that word just... it's just too book termish. It makes me stop and pause whenever I see it. There are so many words that you can substitute in that sound... sexier. Really! Hell, watch 10 Things I Hate About You! Plenty of examples right there! ... Though please refrain from using the word 'bratwurst', lest I begin giggling uncontrollably.)

Of course, I'll be writing my very own smut novel coming this November for Nano, so I suppose we'll see how well *I* do at writing such scenes.

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