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As requested, a review of From Justin to Kelly

It was bad, it was corny, it had a beach... It was Marvelous!!

Oh, and it kicked off my favorite pick-up line... er... Which I can't remember anymore, but I know miggy remembers! Well, not my old favorite pick-up line...Umm... Yeah, anyway, it was good.

Yes, this is one of those movies that you can giggle like a school-girl with one of your buds, and no one else is looking at you odd, because they're doing the same thing!

Ahem, anyway, like B-rated (with funding) beach musicals that are completely silly? Than see this! ^_^

Oh, and on a side note, another quote of the day from my mom when we were in Kinko's earlier:

"Oh, remind me to get a red pen with ink in it!"

She's so cute!

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