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Why yes, this conclusion makes perfect sense!

I've been slaving away at UBRS (in World of Warcraft) for far too long, trying to get that damn Finkles dagger.

And I've come to a conclusion.

pirateday loves Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. It's one of the many movies he quotes. Naturally, this is why the bastard dagger has dropped for all three of his level 60 skinners (and won the rolls) on his first attempts at UBRS.

(Note: The only time I've ever seen Finkles drop was when he won it. ... He is very lucky I love him and still plan to marry him.)

Right, so, CLEARLY, the reason why Finkles has eluded me is because I need to watch Ace Ventura. And LIKE IT.

Oh yes, this rental shall be mine this weekend. Hastings, here I come!

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