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Clearly, I'm an uneducated fool.

Just finished Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe.

I... didn't really like it.

... Okay, to be quite honest, I was 90% of the time so bored that I continually had to keep myself awake while reading in my car (this is the work book, if you recall).

Now, understand, this isn't a writing style of the times issue. One of my favorite novels is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. However, my biggest problem with the novel was, well, the writing style.

The best example I can use (which, okay, might be considered a bit insulting) is listening to a kid go on... and on... and on about their day. You know, where they don't take a breath? And it's really uninteresting? And you wonder if you can bribe them with candy if that'll shut them up? Yeah, kinda like that.

Makes me think of what pirateday says he always wants to do to kids when they do that: grab a shampoo bottle out from the bathroom and start reading the back of the bottle to them. When they begin to protest about how dull and boring it is? You tell them that's how you feel when they were telling their story that never ends.

Ahem. No, I don't believe he's ever done this. But oh man, I have to say, it is very very tempting.

Anyway... I was talking about a book. Right. So, basically, the prose was... well, I've read shopping lists that were of higher interest to me (particularly when they have a check by the 'chocolate' category). And there were no chapters! No breaks! No anything that leads the reader to thinking, 'Hey, this is a good place to put the bookmark'. It made me antsy as hell.

Okay, so the book was dully written (with no pauses). But what about what happened in the novel, Summer? Ah, yes, the actual plot. Well... I can't say that there wasn't stuff going on. Because, believe me, plenty happened. But to be quite honest, that was part of the problem. She went from 18 to 70 in 300 pages. There was no time to care. Because, ZOOM, we're off to the next story!

So, I don't know what it is about classics, but people get uppity when you criticize them. I skimmed the note at the end of the book describing people's thoughts of this book... Umm... Okay, this book was PRAISED for the writing style. Hey, to each his own and all that... but if you like the prose of Defoe, then please, may I sell you some invisible clothes fit for a king?

(Note: Actually, if someone's read this book and liked it, I'd love to hear why. Different opinions and all that, but I am truly befuddled of why this novel is so hugely loved.)

Right... so I'm gonna shake this off by doing something that doesn't require any energy whatsoever... like a quiz or something similarly silly.

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