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Forrest and breasts. - GROWL — LiveJournal
Forrest and breasts.
Ever have one of those days where your breasts itch and no matter how much you scratch, they STILL itch?

But you're at work, so it's not like you can just shove your hand down your shirt and go to town.

Oh, I am so glad yesterday is over and my breasts are itch free!

Though speaking of days past, I watched Monday's episode of Heroes and squeed! Well, after the argument...

coldfury: Holy shit, that's Forrest!
Me: ... Umm, I think that might of been the mind fromp guy...
sporkchan: That couldn't have been Forrest...
coldfury: No! It's FORREST. Can't you people see!
Me: Well... he was only on that split second, but I don't know...
coldfury It IS. I can prove it!

*We all run off to go check imdb.com*

Me: ... Hot damn, it IS Forrest.
coldfury: I TOLD you.
Me: ... Okay, it's apparently been too long since I've seen Buffy, season four...

Mmm, Ali Larter making out with Forrest. Oh yes, I like that very much.

Also? I really hate it when coldfury is right. It makes him far too smug.

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