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Passing the time. - GROWL — LiveJournal
Passing the time.
Before I get into anything else, I would just like to say how proud I am of myself for the following conversation:

Receptionist: Okay, Summer, I'm grabbing donuts. You like the kind with the cream stuff in the middle, right?
Me: *Panic begins* Umm... Yes, normally I would, but I'm really trying to be good.
Receptionist: Pfft, you can be good tomorrow. Be bad today!
Me: Noooo. I've been so good!
Receptionist: You're eating a donut and that's final!
Me: *Flails*
BOM (who was in the room as well): You stick to your guns, girl! Don't give in! *We fake punches near each other.*
Me: Yeah! No donuts!!
Receptionist: Hmph, fine. *Guilt-trip voice* Don't have a donut. See if I care.

*Takes a breath* Phase one - cleared. Phase two will occur when the donuts arrive.


Okay, onto my next entertaining me thing! I finished a book! Whoo! Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn Sparks has been fully read!

It was... cheesy, yet strangely satisfying. I don't think I'd read it again, but it was an enjoyable romp. The romance was played up far too much to be taken seriously, the secondary characters were two-dimensional with far too many accents running about, and the ending made me want to snarfle with how 'unbelievably HAPPY' everyone was at the end. But everything was so played up and cheesy, I sort of wonder if it was intentional. *Beat* I hope it was intentional. *Beat Beat* Gods, let it have been intentional!

But yeah, sometimes I like a little cheese and a little silly just for a bit of a mind vacation. The overdramatic emo hopping about I could have done without, but conflict needs to abound in a book, so I suppose I'll praise the fact that at least there was a plot.

Final Vote: Good enough to pick up another of Sparks novels, not good enough to re-read.


Okay, now it's time for a...


Stole this from nekoneko! WHEE.

Not as easy as you might think...

1. Yourself? Tired.
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife? Mmmm.
3. Your hair? BLONDE.
4. Your mother? Poker.
5. Your father? Nature.
6. Your Favorite Item? Computer.
7. Your dream last night? Nope.
8. Your Favorite drink? Cherries!
9. Your Dream Car/truck? Runs.
10. The Room You Are In? Work.
11. Your Ex? Who?
12. Your fear? Dolls.
13. What you want to be in 10 years? Author
14. Who you hung out with last night? Plenty
15. What You're Not? BRUNETTE
16. Muffins? Orgasm.
17. One of Your Wish List Items? Anime.
18. Time? 9:18
19. The Last Thing You Did? Refused.
20. What You Are Wearing? Black.
21. Your Favorite Weather? Fall.
22. Your Favorite Book? Fantasy.
23. The Last Thing You Ate? Cereal.
24. Your Life? Bleh.
25. Your Mood? Blah.
26. Your body? *Cringe*
27. What are you thinking about right now? Fat
28. Your truck/car: Works!
29. What are you doing at the moment? Typing!
30. Your summer? You're
31. Your relationship status: Cohabitating.
32. What is on your TV? Nothing.
33. What is the weather like? SNOW.
34. When is the last time you laughed? Today.

Current Location: work
Current Mood: bored bored

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miggy From: miggy Date: December 1st, 2006 05:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
33. What is the weather like? SNOW.

I was driving to the salon when the itsy bitsy light flakes began to fall. Pretty! And then I was sitting by a window when it picked up. All of us: pretty!

Continue with the haircut for a while.

"It's still snowing."

Continue for a while more.


Given the traffic I was seeing as the snow still kept going, I decided that one hours and fifteen minutes of class on my short Thursday night was not that important in the grand scheme of things.
ifritah From: ifritah Date: December 1st, 2006 05:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Don't blame you one bit!
nekoneko From: nekoneko Date: December 1st, 2006 08:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Um." is right! I was sitting in a Steak N' Shake with my husband and my friend, Ilmater (remember him? :D). We were the only customers there. And the snow was going like crazy. My husband does all the driving (I'm scared of driving... too many crazies). Normally, he speeds like crazy. Last night? I don't think he ever broke 20 mphs. I woke up this morning. Everything is covered in over 12 inches of snow and everything is closed!
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