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Book reviews everywhere! - GROWL — LiveJournal
Book reviews everywhere!
Just finished Pet Peeve by Piers Anthony.

... I... Well... Bleh, I guess is the best way to describe it. Every Xanth book that's come out of late has become more and more disappointing. (Perhaps Laurell K. and Piers should have lunch.)

I can deal with the cliches, the repeated scripts, the perversion, but man... I don't know, something that was in the old ones just isn't there now. Maybe it's because I'm older? But I honestly think it's something more than that. The originality is gone, the romances are meh, and I was horrified to find that *I* was annoyed at Metria constantly butting in. Metria! My favorite character!

I remember the book where Grey Murphy played Humphrey for a book. I remember the love triangle between Dolph, Nada, and Electra (my favorite plot!). *Sniffle* I remember a whole bunch of books that were wonderful.

And gods help me, I know I'm going to wind up buying the next book. *Sighs at herself*

I have another Piers Anthony book in my 'to read' drawer, but I think I'll be putting that on hold for a bit. I haven't decided what my next work book will be... perhaps Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card. pirateday lent that to me quite awhile ago... It's been a long time since I've read Ender's Game, but hopefully that won't matter.

As for my home book, I'm thinking I'll give Kim Harrison another go. Dead Witch Walking's first chapter has been read... oh, a half dozen times. I simply couldn't get past it. It's just so... not good. But, as a writer myself, I really shouldn't limit my opinion of Harrison as an author purely from one chapter. So, I shall try again. *Crosses fingers*

... And I really need a reading LJ icon. Hrm... what to use in the meantime...

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