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Maybe I should write for msn... is at it again! The Mysteries of Women Explained

There are so many bones I can pick with this article... but instead, I'll just quote this part:

Why do women expect you to pay the check even if they make more money than you?

Blame history, baby. "The traditional exchange between the sexes, for thousands of years, is that men offer money, protection and status to women, and in return women offer beauty, sex, and offspring," explains BJ Gallagher, author of
Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Other Women.

History's changing, baby, and this thought-process is becoming archaic fast. Not to mention insulting.

My fiance isn't my sugar daddy, my muscle, or my label. Nor am I his bomb-shell sex-kitten that will one day give him 10,000 dracula babies.

I don't expect anything from my man. When we go out to eat, I grab my wallet. Sometimes he pays. Sometimes I pay.

As far as we're concerned, we're equals. And no, I'm not just talking about dinner arrangements. He has a penis, I have a vagina, and what that boils down to for us is that it makes sex not awkward considering where our attractions lie.

Maybe YOU need to get with the times, BJ Gallagher. Oh, and send the memo over to your friends at, would ya?

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