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Ender vs. Bean. Ender wins.

I finished Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card yesterday.

It made me pick up Ender's Game to reread. (Different PoVs for the same surrounding plot. Ah, I love those!)

I didn't have the emotional connection with the main character (Bean) that I did with Ender. I enjoyed the read, but half the time I was calling Bean a bastard in my head. I... actually think that's rather cool. If it's done right, I'm okay with not liking the main character much. (Note: Laurel K. doesn't do it right) And Bean did start growing on me as the story progressed.

There was one aspect of the two books that I've found an annoyance to look over. Which is why I'm not now. It had been a few years since I'd read Ender's Game, so I'm not sure if this thought was present then. But my mind went straight to: If the government is gathering up all the child geniuses, why are hardly any of them girls?

Rereading the beginning of EG, it's explained. Evolution, man. There's only a few girls that manage to break away from evolution.

... What the fuck does THAT mean? Clearly, it must mean the evolution of females being constantly under male's lowered expectations because they don't pee standing up. Because it sure as hell doesn't mean the evolution of women not being intelligent enough.

The evolution of girls being too gentle, so boys are more needed in the military for their aggression through testosterone, maybe? Umm... Have you ever dealt with girls before? They can be MEAN. People make fun of the hair-pulling and slapping. I remember a bout of hair-pulling I saw once. A good bit of it stayed in the girl's fists because it was pulled OUT. And earrings... oh man. I was not a popular kid growing up. I was taught very young that you don't wear any type of earring that could be yanked out. Hell, I remember the fear I dealt with every day going to grade school because of the female bullies.

You don't fuck with girls or they will CLAW YOUR EYES OUT.

Ahem. Anyway, moving on... Aside from the problem with sexism our society just constantly deals with, I liked the book. I'm glad I read it. It made me think, and when done right, I enjoy books that do that. But it wasn't Ender's Game. That book, I loved. That book brought out my emotions as well as my mind into play.

I can't wait to read it again.

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