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Frugal Giant!

So, I stayed up faaaaar too late last night playing the original Final Fantasy. (No, I have never gotten around to playing it until now. The only thing I knew about it was from watching my man play it a few years ago where there was a 'Fr. Giant'. And, well, from my subject line, you can tell where I went with that!)

Oh, I had so much fun! I had the controller literally taken from my hand and was forced to turn the game off at 1:10 a.m. *Sniffle*

Of course, I'm tired as hell today, so I'm glad my man had the sense to do that! *Loves him*

I also have found that when I play old video games I turn into a 12-year-old. My team consists of:

Warrior: Sexy*
Red Mage: Luv
Black Mage: Badass
White Mage: Baby

All the while as I'm typing their names I'm giggling like a mad-woman.

* For those that don't know this, my sister and I have a tradition of naming our main character 'Sexy' in video games. Yes, ever since we were kids. It all started with... shit, what's that game called... Mount Olympus? Gods of Olympus? Eh, something to do with Olympus. Anyway, there's this part where you go talk to this old man and he says: "If you can prove to me that you're Sexy, I'll give you my staff."

Needless to say, we giggled ourselves into a frenzy over that! And it became a thing ever since.

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