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A shout out to Jim Butcher.

Jim Butcher continually knocks my socks off. I ADORE this man's writing.

I finished Academ's Fury today at lunch. Beautimus! And while I had some issues in the last book (*cough* Tavi sucks *cough*), I found that I actually had no character blehs this time around. Tavi was actually interesting to read about, Serai kicked major ass, Amara and Bernard continue to love me, and Max is my new hero.

*Licks Jim* You rock, Mr. Butcher.

While I wait for the third book to sell the paperback way (hey, look, I get the Dresden ones in hardcover now, but it's easier to store all the damn books I own if they're smaller!) I have picked up a book from a new author to start: Sorcery Rising by Jude Fisher.

I've only read a touch past the prolouge thus far, so it's hard to judge. I haven't been immediately turned off, so I'll take that as a good sign. I've smiled in a few places, so that's also good. And the author gets a cookie for finding a way to tell the reader how to properly pronounce a difficult name.

It's a HUGE book, so it'll likely take some time. Funny how I've been reading the lengthier (500 or more pages) books at around the time I started the goal of reading fifty books for the year. Oh, what is that community called that I signed up with... Eh, it's on my userinfo and it's pretty evident which one it is. If you're intrigued, by all means, have a look! It was a LJ spotlight a couple weeks back though, so maybe you know what I'm talking about!

Only two books read so far for the month though. Hrm, I need to stop playing so many video games so I can finish sporkchan's book that he leant me.

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