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The logic of rechargables.

So, I saw this Jack-in-the-Box cup sitting on a counter with an advertisement about getting a rechargeable gift card because it's the 'gift that keeps on giving'.

And it's not just J-Box that's all about the rechargeable cards. It's EVERYONE.

Okay, corporate peeps, I want you to think about this for just one minute.

So... you're making your cards rechargeable... for who? I mean, when I get a gift card, I'm not thinking, "Excellent, after I use all the money up on this sucker, I'm going to fill it back up again so I can use it again with my OWN money this time! WHOO. Or, hey, I could give this gift card to my bud, X, who LOVES this company, and oh-ho, now I don't have to pick out a card for them, cuz, hey, done!"

Seriously, every time Hastings asks me if I'd like to keep my card to recharge it later on after using all the money off of it, I raise my eyebrow at them and give them a look. Oftentimes, they'll throw the card away and go, "Yeah, I don't get the logic either."

Is there something I'm missing here? Because, really, I'm thinking this is the silliest thing ever. (Not to mention a VERY silly way of advertising how 'cool' your establishment is.)

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