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Gundam Seed... better than watching sports.

Even though all of Gundam SEED: Destiny isn't out yet, coldfury and I couldn't wait any longer and had to start!

*Beat* Well, *I* could've waited longer, as I knew it would be torture for us when we got to the stopping point, but coldfury doesn't listen to sense.

And hot damn, it's so GOOD.

We just finished the third disc last night. The last episode on the disc had me on the edge of my seat, calling out at the TV for it to do what I wanted it to. Seriously, you'd think I was telling the show to hit a home run. (*Shudder* Sports analogies... I feel so dirty.)

But oh, the disc did not disappoint! It did everything right! And damn that CF, now I'm all back to being addicted and spending my every free moment watching Destiny with him! (There are only seven discs out of either ten or twelve discs! It takes approx. two months for each disc to come out! I'm so screwed!)

Apparently, he's going to try to appease me with Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid when we have to stop. ... I love the FMP, I do! ... But... but. *Cries*

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