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Control and cold turkey.

There are several reasons why I've wanted to be a writer since... well, for a very long time. And while I could go off on a VERY long post on that, I'm going to just go into the one of the moment.


I like it. I want it. GIMME.

If I'm writing a book, *I* decide what happens to the characters. I get to decide who lives, who dies, who punches who in the eye, and who gets the mack on with who. Sure, you get publishers twinking this and that, but the big things, nope, those are all me. (And really, all of it's me as one without a publisher...)

Where is this coming from? Well, watching two discs of Gundam SEED: Destiny straight last night because my cat decided to lay on my lap so I couldn't move (I've been so starved for cat-attention) will definitely do it! Really, that's what started it. I was only going to watch two episodes, really! But yeah, cat. And after the cat got up, I was hooked on seeing the scene I'd discovered on the back of the sixth disc.

And then I saw the scene... and got very very pissed. And that would be why there's one episode left unwatched on the sixth disc, as I stomped to my room. (Well, okay, not literally. pirateday was asleep and all.)

So, then I did something very very naughty...

I read spoilers. I HAD to. I needed to know if they had completely screwed me!

... And those results bring me to you now. Yup, I like control.

Because when other people have it, they abuse it terribly and make me want to hit them with a very large mallet.

So, fine! I didn't want your damn OTP anyway! And hey, I should thank you! Because now I'm not dying to finish the last six discs of your series, so I can wait it out cold turkey juuuuust fine! And... and I don't care! Yeah! SO THERE.

*Breaks her pencil and stomps off*

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